May 9, 1940 – KTB XXVII. AK

At 13:25 hrs., AOK 6 informs XXVII. AK about the delivery of the code word for the attack in the West the next day: “Hindenburg 100535” is received. The AK immediately notifies the subordinate commands and executes the defined movements of units to the border. The 61. ID is removed from the AK – it is informed by IV. AK.

On an interesting side note, the KTB of XXVII. AK states

The command creates a huge wave of euphoria. It is now the hour to act and the Corps Command, located in Jülich for months now, will do so. Some, however, still have their doubts about the actual execution of the plan.”

It is the only entry among the AKs involved with AOK 6 that shows signs of doubt about the leader’s willingness to execute as planned.

The KTB also notes that the preparations do not go unnoticed by the civilians – the general assessment “It’s going to start now!” is evident. In the evening hours, the command post in Aachen is reached by the various officers of the AK, the commanding general  arrives at 21:00 hrs.

By 22:22 hrs., AOK 6 sends the confirmation – code word “Danzig” – for the next attack the next day. This is silencing the last doubts, the mood is described as “serious but excited”.

Source: KTB XXVII. AK (BArch. RH 20-27/34