The War Diary

My grandfather’s War Diary his is own, very personal account of the time between 1939 and 1945 (and also beyond). I have spent many hours considering the best approach working with the entries and making them available in a way that allows easy access, yet keeps the entries small but accessible.

I have decided on an approach that provides a higher “landing page” for his personal account (this page) and refer you to subsequent pages for the more detailed summaries (e.g. on the War against Belgium, the War against France, Time at Cap Gris Nez, etc.). This page will be amended as I continue to publish more material so what you find in the overviews is always also available in the details.

The “phoney” War – January 1940 – May 9, 1940

My grandfather was recalled to active duty in January 1940 – a time known as the “phoney war” because of the de-facto stand-still after the invasion of Poland was over and before the invasion of Norway respectively the war against the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium and France started in May 1940.