Order of Battle “Fall Gelb” – May 10, 1940 – Heeresgruppe A

Heeresgruppe A

Heeresgruppe A under the command of Generaloberst Gerd von Rundstedt took positions on the border to Luxembourg and France, south of the city of Aachen and along the hills of the Eifel and the Ardennes.

1940-05-10 - Fall Gelb - HGr AFrom north to south, the 4. Armee comes first, their headquarters located in the small town of Dahlem. With the 4. Armee are four Army Corps – the V. Armeekorps, the VIII. Armeekorps, the II. Armeekorps and the XV. Armeekorps.

1940-05-10 - Fall Gelb - AOK4Included in this setup are two Panzer Divisionen – Tank Divisions: the 5. Panzer Division under Generalleutnant Max v. Hartlieb-Walsporn (with the  XV. Armeekorps) and the 7. Panzer Division under Generalmajor Erwin Rommel (with the II. Armeekorps). Their first target: the city of Malmedy.

South of the 4. Armee, the 12. Armee took positions. Their headquarters were located in the town of Malberg. Three Army Corps were assembled under 12. Armee: the III. Armeekorps, the VI. Armeekorps, and the XVIII. Armeekorps.

1940-05-10 - Fall Gelb - AOK12Next up was the 16. Armee, their headquarters located just north-west of the city of Trier, right on the border. The army consisted of three Armeekorps, the VII. Armeekorps, the XIII. Armerkorps, and the XXIII. Armeekorps.

1940-05-10 - Fall Gelb - AOK16

Set-up to carry the main load of the proposed swift attack with tanks and mobile infantry, the Panzergruppe Kleist assembled the remaining Panzer Divisionen. Split into three army corps, the XIV. Armeekorps, the XIX. Armeekorps and the XXXXI. Armeekorps:

  • XIV. Armeekorps: under the command of General Gustav von Wietersheim. With it: the 13. Infanterie Division (mot.) and the 29. Infanterie Division (mot.).
  • XIX. Armeekorps: under the command of General Heinz Guderian. With it: three Panzer Divisionen, the 1. Panzer Division, the 2. Panzer Division, and 10. Panzer Division.
  • XXXXI. Armeekorps: under the command of Generalleutnant Georg-Hans Reinhardt. With it, two more Panzer Divisionen: the 6. Panzer Division and the 8. Panzer Division.

1940-05-10 - Fall Gelb - Gruppe Kleist