May 9, 1940 – KTB IV. AK

In the morning, the Führer-Haupt-Quartier sends an inquiry on the weather situation – it will turn out to be a nice day. Everything is quiet “like in the past half year.”

At 13:22 hrs., the AK is receiving the code word “Hindenburg 100535” from AOK 6. Excitement raises among the command units. The themselves inform their subordinate units: 35. ID, 4. Pz. Div., 7. ID, 18. ID, 61. ID as well as N.44, Flak Rgt. 201, 1.(H)/41, and Pi. Rgt. 601.

Later the day, Baubtl. 255 with three companies is put under the command of the AK. Around 18:00 hrs., the 35. ID is reporting reconnaissance activities in front of 18.ID, the Dutch seem to be aware of the imminent danger at least to a certain degree.

The final confirmation – code word “Danzig” is given by AOK 6 at 22:25 hrs. and passed down to the subordinate units.

The attached Luftwaffe reconnaissance unit, 1.(H)/41 is given the task to scout the railway line between Gronsveld and Maastricht for damage.

Source: KTB IV. AK (BArch. RH 20-4/17)