May 9, 1940 – KTB AOK 6

At 13:10 hrs, AOK 6 receives confirmation from Heeresgruppe B that Fall Gelb is confirmed for the next day, May 10, 1940, at 05:35 hrs.

As of 16:30 hrs., the senior officers of AOK 6 are relocating from Düsseldorf to the Army Command Post in Rheydt. First, the army’s Ia is moving to Rheydt, upon his arrival at 18:30 hrs., the Chief of the General Staff is moving to Rheydt, arriving at 21:15 hrs.

Between 20:30 hrs and 21:15 hrs, the Command Post of the Army Corps XXVII (at Aachen), IV (at Baesweiler), and IX (at Kempen) are reached by the respective officers of the General Staff.

Later, at 22:15 hrs., the Ia of Heeresgruppe B confirms the attack orders for the next morning – the code word is “Danzig”. At 22:55 hrs., Generaloberst Walter v. Reichenau reaches the Command Post at Rheydt.

Source: KTB AOK6 (BArch. RH 20-6/35)


The XI. AK, also assigned to AOK 6 with it’s HQ located in Heinsberg, is not mentioned in the KTB Entry above.

1940-05-09 - Lage West AKs

Locations of AOK 6 and subordinate AK HQs on May 9, 1940