Supporting Material

For a deeper understanding of the military situation around some of the events covered in the war diaries, it is sometimes useful to look at “the bigger picture” of a military operation. Therefore, I am providing two types of background information: Order of Battle diagrams and Situation Maps.

The Order of Battle shows the organizational setup before and during large military operations. It usually is provided as organizational chart rather than as map. It also does not change quickly – it is a more or less static chart that is only updated when reorganizations in the military structure occur.

The Situation Maps are more impacted by daily events, they show the location of military units, battles & hot spots, as well as planned and actual movements. They can be highly flexible, especially during combat engagements and quickly change, depending on the fortunes of war for one side or the other.

The information provided here is not “complete” – it is tailored to suit the needs of supporting the web site’s main purpose: the war diaries of my grandfather. As such, the detail will be higher the closer information is related to the topic – and may only be vague or at a high level where it is not (e.g. for the Eastern Front, I will more or less focus on the events in he north while the events in the center or the south of the front are covered at a higher level).