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April 1940 – KTB XXVII. AK (Maps)

Attached to the KTB of XXVII. AK is a set of situation maps for the corps[1]BArch. RH 24-27/33K and one of them is titled “Heeres-Art. Schußweiten Fall ‘Gelb’ April 1940 – 1:100.000”[2]engl.: Army Artillery Ranges Fall ‘Gelb’ April 1940. The … Continue reading

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May 9, 1940 – KTB XXVII. AK

At 13:25 hrs., AOK 6 informs XXVII. AK about the delivery of the code word for the attack in the West the next day: “Hindenburg 100535” is received. The AK immediately notifies the subordinate commands and executes the defined movements … Continue reading

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XXVII. Armee-Korps

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